UCL (University College London) Lightning Cheerleading Team is a competitive cheerleading team founded in 2011. We compete at both National and Regional levels annually. We offer weekly training and we are open to both men and women of all abilities. We welcome completely new beginners as well as seasoned cheerleaders; everyone is invited to join our cheer family!


We pride ourselves in our diverse and inclusive community. Through great dedication to our club in the past year, we have achieved the award of "Most Improved Sports Club" in 2018 and a Gold Development Award from the UCL Student Union in 2020. We strive to constantly improve and expand as a society. 




In the midst of COVID-19, safety is our highest priority. We will only be offering social training in Term 1 alongside our Remote Membership to adhere to governmental guidelines. As such, if you would like to develop your skills in-person in Term 1, we recommend that you purchase a Social Membership first, which you can upgrade once Competitive/Non-Competitive training is open, probably in Term 2. 





We offer social training sessions once a week for anyone interested in trying out cheerleading and picking up new skills without the commitment! Here, you will be trained by our qualified coaches, to improve your strength, flexibility, and tumbling skills. Social training will begin in Term 1 and will run every weekend until Term 3, excluding holidays and reading weeks. 


In order to comply with Covid restrictions, sessions will have a reduced capacity. Therefore, we will ask those keen on attending to book your place in these sessions to reserve a space. 

Open to members of the Student Union, including alumni and students from other HE colleges. 

£25 per year 

     + £4 per session


This year we are offering a free remote membership for anyone who can’t make it to in-person training, or just prefer to keep fit from the comfort of their own home. We will be offering weekly zoom classes and frequently posting updates on our tutorials and workouts on our website and Instagram page, so you can pick up new skills or give the sport a try!

£0 per year


Our competitive teams compete at University National competitions, and we’ve previously won 3 national titles. This was only achieved through hard work, dedication and commitment from all our members. As a team sport, attendance at every practice is key.

This year, it is unlikely that we will compete as teams due to safety reasons and not having sufficient time to train adequately under existing guidelines. We also cannot determine how and when try-outs and training will commence.


If you are still keen on competing, and have a stunt group in mind you'd like to compete with, we will be able to offer stunting training in second term, should governmental guidelines allow it.

The cost of our competitive membership has been reduced to half of what it was last year. This now covers all of your coaching fees and competition entry. we recommend that you purchase our Social Membership first, which you can upgrade once Competitive training is open

Members will be expected to pay for their own uniform and transport to external venues. 


£50 per year


We are introducing a non-competitive team for students who want to train regularly, but without the pressure of competitions.


Given current pandemic measures, Non-Competitive training is likely to only commence in Term 2, should governmental guidelines allow it. We plan for this team to train for 2 hours weekly home games for other UCL sports teams during Term 2. This may change subject to governmental guidelines closer to the time, we will post any changes here, or to our Facebook group.

Since the non-competitive team will be performing regularly, attendance at every practice is key. The non-competitive team will be trained by a qualified coach.


The non-competitive membership fee will not include uniform costs.

£35 per year 


What our members have to say: 

I joined as a fresher not knowing what to expect; I had never done cheerleading before, didn't even know what it was. It blew my mind when I first tried it. It's like acrobatics, gymnastics and dance combined into one sport, but anyone can do it. 


The great thing about Uni Cheer is that you can start from scratch and learn up to level 3. Considering the level of safety and technique that goes into it, I think what we achieve here is really impressive.


Beyond the sport's side, I've made best friends in the society which I never thought I could. People bond so well due to the nature of the sport and it actually transfers into real life. We actually see each other out of the sports hall! (Sometimes, a bit too much maybe)


I'd really recommend you to join, be it as a fresher or a third year, if you're really sporty or you've never touched a sport in your life. Many before you have and they've loved it. Hope to see you there!"


Annie Loh

Treasurer 2018-19