UCL (University College London) Lightning Cheerleading Team is a competitive cheerleading team founded in 2011. We compete at both National and Regional levels annually, training beginners regardless of their background, as well as experienced athletes each year. 


We pride ourselves in our diverse and inclusive community. Through great dedication to our club in the past year, we have achieved the award of "Most Improved Sports Club" in 2018. We strive to constantly improve and expand as a society. For example, we recently added a third team to our ranks due the club's increase in popularity. 


There are now three teams at UCL Lightning:

  • Spark (Level 1)

  • Bolt (Level 2)

  • Strike (Level 3)




Competitive membership gives you the opportunity to be part of one of our competitive teams, and attend 2 National Level competitions with us! This is open to beginners. 

Members are to commit to training two times a week, and are welcome to come to Social Trainings anytime. 

£100 per year


Social membership gives you the opportunity to learn and train progressively at your own pace. Social training runs on Saturdays from 5-7pm at Bloomsbury Fitness. Learn to cheer, or learn new skills here! No limit to what you can do, and no commitment!

Open to members of the Student Union, including alumni and students from other HE colleges. 

£50 per year 


What our members have to say: 

I joined as a fresher not knowing what to expect; I had never done cheerleading before, didn't even know what it was. It blew my mind when I first tried it. It's like acrobatics, gymnastics and dance combined into one sport, but anyone can do it. 


The great thing about Uni Cheer is that you can start from scratch and learn up to level 3. Considering the level of safety and technique that goes into it, I think what we achieve here is really impressive.


Beyond the sport's side, I've made best friends in the society which I never thought I could. People bond so well due to the nature of the sport and it actually transfers into real life. We actually see each other out of the sports hall! (Sometimes, a bit too much maybe)


I'd really recommend you to join, be it as a fresher or a third year, if you're really sporty or you've never touched a sport in your life. Many before you have and they've loved it. Hope to see you there!"


Annie Loh

Treasurer 2018-19


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